NFO Outlaw Escape


General impressions:

Overall the NFO Outlaw Escape is a great fishing platform. It sits somewhere between a float tube and a pontoon boat. The Escape is very well made and extremely stable. You can read the marketing blurb HERE. Basically I agree with all the hype.

The NFO Outlaw Escape does have some limitations for me, especially given my 6 foot height. If I had the space and the money I would have happily invested in one of the other longer NFO Outlaw series frame-less pontoon boats.

I soon discovered that the normal seat position was too far forward, so I made some adjustments to the seat so it sits as far back as possible. I added an additional strap that pulls the seat bottom back and holds it in position. This strap attaches to the rear “D” ring.

I also discovered that the footrest that comes with the NFO Outlaw Escape gets in the way if you are using fins. If I am using fins I remove the foot rest bar. Speaking of fins, I have a pair of Omega Amphibian Navigator Float Tube Flip Fins I purchase from LeisurePro. Great price and in my humble opinion the best fins on the market. I also picked up a pair of tethers so in the event a fin were to slip off my foot it wouldn’t go very far. These fins do float.

The NFO Outlaw Escape comes with oars that work okay but given my height the handles were always banging into my knees if I had the footrest in place. I you are planning on doing any significant rowing the footrest is a must. I solved this problem by reversing the section of the oars that have the oar lock mount. See Oar Modifications page.

The side storage bags that came with my NFO Outlaw Escape are great and holds a ton of stuff. I can also put a 12V 35 amp hour battery in each bag.

The seat works great and the floor is inflatable meaning you can adjust the pressure to suit.

A word on inflation. I inflate my NFO Outlaw Escape to 3 psi and double check the pressure especially when I have been on the lake for some time in the heat of the day. Typically I keep my Escape inflated to around 2 psi when not in use and pump it up to 3 psi when I am ready to fish. I have a 0 – 5 psi AIRHEAD AHPG-1 Air Pressure Gauge that works great.